Please read our terms of service before commissioning us. By commissioning Midnight swimmers, you are agreeing to our terms of service and cancellation policy. Below is in regards to all creative products sold by Midnight Swimmers.


By commissioning Midnight Swimmers, you are agreeing that you are 18 or over. We will not accept commission work from a minor.

We reserve the right to decline any commission, without reason.

Our suits are made in the same household as a rabbit and a dog. Materials and fursuits are not in contact with the pets at any time, but regardless please let us know if you have any allergies BEFORE commissioning Midnight Swimmers.

We retains the right to discontinue working on a commission for any reason deemed necessary by ourself, such as, but not limited to, cases of harassment, disrespect, extreme nitpicking, or the customer taking too long to contact us.

If the customer does not respond to us within 30 days of us contacting them, their commission will cancelled.

Final quotes are non-negotiable.

Once work has begun on a project, any changes to the design will incur a fee of up to 30% of the original quote.

Items made by Midnight Swimmers are made to last, but are art pieces, rather than toys. They are made to be durable but are not made for roughhousing, throwing, etc. Midnight Swimmers not liable for an item’s breakage or disrepair due to improper use of the commissioned item.

Commissioned items may be sent back to Midnight Swimmers for free repairs within 1 year after the customer has initially received them. After that, repairs will require a fee to be payed.

The customer must pay all shipping and handling fees when sending an item back for repairs.

Items sent to Midnight Swimmers that are dirty or that have had modifications made by someone other than Midnight Swimmers will be sent back without repair.


A 30% nonrefundable down payment is required for all orders.

We will not begin work on a project until the down payment is payed.

Payments must be made via PayPal.

Payments will be made via invoice, on an agreed upon intervals

All payments must be made directly from the commissioner. Midnight Swimmers will not allow payments to be made from a third party.

All shipping and handling costs must be payed by the commissioner.

If a deadline has been set, the final payment must be made at least 3 months before said deadline.


If a commission is discontinued by the customer, the commission will be partially refunded based on how far along it is in the building process.

If a commission is discontinued by Midnight Swimmers, the commissioner will be fully refunded and all work & materials will be kept by Midnight Swimmers.

If a project has not been started, a full refund except for the 30% down payment will be made. All materials and work will be kept by Midnight Swimmers.

No refund will be issued for a project that is 75% complete or more, when cancelled by the commissioner.

If a commission is discontinued because of the customer has not responded to our attempts to contact them within 30 days the commission will be cancelled and refunded depending on how much work has been done.

Midnight Swimmers reserves the right to alter the design of and sell any cancelled project.